This iconic dish makes it to the heart of the UK
 Authentic German currywurst catering by Bish Bash Bangers will be the talk at your party. Premium sausages from award winning butchers in Germany: the spotlight of your event!



Any of our succulent German grilled sausage such is Bratwurst, Vegetarian, Bockwurst filled with or without melting cheese, beef sausage filled with chilli or without or currywurst ( chopped bratwurst topped with our tasty home made curry tomato sauce). Served in our custom made bun.
Extra Toppings: sauerkraut, fried onions, gherkin or jalapeño. German ketchup / mayonnaise & mustard.

Marinated pork steak served with potato salad and a custom made bun.
Extra Toppings: German ketchup / mayonnaise and mustard.

Our famous signature dish!!! Chopped Bratwurst topped with our tasty home made curry tomato sauce served with crispy thin fries. 
Extra Toppings: sauerkraut, fried onions, gherkin or jalapeño. German ketchup / mayonnaise & mustard.


Katja_HarchenAs a real Berliner I know how to prepare the currywurst TO PERFECTION. Also, my curry tomato sauce is homemade (unbeatable!) and you will not taste it anywhere else in the world.” ~ Katja Harchen, owner.


We come with our van or stall/tent - OR - we cook at your premises.
  • Award winning sausages
  • Homemade curry tomato sauce
  • Friendly staff and a great service
  • Quick and easy booking!


Great Taste, Fun Food, Authentic Currywurst!

Bish Bash Bangers have been operating in hot-dog catering as well as other German dishes that they supply to corporate and private events. Some of these events include social gatherings, markets, company functions, birthday parties and much more.

Bish Bash Bangers' German currywurst catering offers you dishes that are prepared in a similar fashion to the takeaway stalls you will find in Berlin. The owner Katja Harchen from Berlin was inspired to bring this unique experience into the UK. She serves a variety of custom made breads, German sauces, homemade curry sauce and of course her award-winning sausages which have been imported from premium butchers in Germany. She serves these delectable dishes from a trailer pod and modern gazebo/stall that adds a great look to any sized event.

For those in search of authentic and traditional currywurst that work or live in London, Bish Bash Bangers is the perfect Currywurst catering company to call. Katja really honours her country of birth with a large amount of enthusiasm she brings about her much loved dishes to private parties and corporate events.

About Currywurst: Did You Know...?

Currywurst is a chopped up Bratwurst that is then covered with a rich and delectable tomato based curry sauce. Due to the name, a lot of people who are not familiar with this particular dish tend to think that the sauce may be spicy or hot. However, this is not actually true, instead the sauce has a lovely tangy and even a touch of a sweet flavour. This Currywurst catering company has the skill in creating a fantastic home-made sauce. The owner really boasts pride in the fact that she prepares this sauce from a secret home-made recipe - she perfected different recipes until creating a winner formula. In fact, this particular recipe has been the reason for many successful events that she caters for.

Currywurst is a type of “snack” food takeaway that is extremely popular in the Germany because it is described as incredibly fun and tasty to eat. The sausages are generally very long and most people describe the experience as a fun way to eat a quality meat that leaves one feeling satisfied. This casual meal is a great way to add a great atmosphere to just about any event.

Katja is a strong believer that these authentic and iconic dishes have every right to find a comfortable home in the heart of the UK. This is because nearly every person enjoys a great sausage from time to time. The Germans are the ones known for this specific outstanding charcuterie.