Hiring a food truck in the UK for your particular event has become something that many people seem to love. As street food also sees the birth of wonderful fusion cuisines and 'trendiness' hits the road, many people just love the thought of food truck catering when it comes to entertaining their guests.

Perhaps you're on the lookout for a food truck for hire to cater for a particular office party or work event - either way, we think we have something a lot more exciting than a food truck to offer... both when it comes to the actual menu and where we send the menu from! Have a look below : )​

1. LOOKS: Cuteness Galore

Food truck vendors have to put up with the likes of new and fashionable vans that really make a difference to the words 'street food catering': the amazing designs and funky looks can make anyone turn the head twice nowadays.

We didn't want to be any less! At Bish Bash Bangers we spent some time looking at ways in which we could come up with a brand that would make a difference at any party or private/office event. We're very proud of the result and there's no doubt that our catering van does thrill guests!​

2. MENU: Extremely Varied Hot Dog Menu (& MUCH More)

It's easy to hire a van in the UK that prepares burgers and even the new, fancy type of burgers everyone loves. But, when it comes to the best hot dogs the world has ever seen (and that's German hot dogs, of course!) we are the winners.

Not only do we bring award winner hot dogs and German sausages to your party or event; we also have a lovely set of menus that are ideal for any type of guest. With quite a few dishes that we've mastered over the years we just know how to be a delight to all the different tastes! Yes, we also grill wonderful vegan hot dogs. Give them a try!


We have been given a 5 star rating twice, consecutively. That's something we're very proud of. (Rating from the Food Standards Agency)

We just needed to show off here - not every catering businesses can say this. Well proud.

4. German Signature

But of course. We get many hire for wedding parties because of our looks, our menu but also the fact that we add such a lovely touch to any event!

It is well known that German food is signature of street food (the hot dog... oh, yes). There's so much more to German culture in general... we love bringing it to your event!​

Many, many, many people in the UK absolutely love the taste and juiciness of grilled bratwurst, German hot dogs and, of course, our signature dish: currywurst. The authentic, German currywurst, that is. Down to our homemade curry tomato sauce. 


If you wanted to rent or hire our hot dog catering van you might as well check out our testimonials first. We have excellent reviews; all our customers have been very pleased with our services. You can check testimonials here


Whether you're planning your wedding in London and were thinking of hiring a food truck or you have a particular event you need some GREAT catering for, we will most definitely be the excellent choice when it comes to covering your needs.

Great food, great looking catering van, great staff, great testimonials, great prices and great fun. What else could you ask for? 


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