German Catering for Events: Bish Bash Bangers
German caterers Bish Bash Bangers bring the authentic German currywurst & bratwurst to your event. Owner Katja Harchen, a true Berliner, and her team will make your event truly unique with the added original German touch.



Any of our succulent German grilled sausage such is Bratwurst, Vegetarian, Bockwurst filled with or without melting cheese, beef sausage filled with chilli or without or currywurst ( chopped bratwurst topped with our tasty home made curry tomato sauce). Served in our custom made bun.
Extra Toppings: sauerkraut, fried onions, gherkin or jalapeño. German ketchup / mayonnaise & mustard.

Marinated pork steak served with potato salad and a custom made bun.
Extra Toppings: German ketchup / mayonnaise and mustard.

Our famous signature dish!!! Chopped Bratwurst topped with our tasty home made curry tomato sauce served with crispy thin fries. 
Extra Toppings: sauerkraut, fried onions, gherkin or jalapeño. German ketchup / mayonnaise & mustard.


Katja_HarchenAs a real Berliner I know how to prepare the currywurst TO PERFECTION. Also, my curry tomato sauce is homemade (unbeatable!) and you will not taste it anywhere else in the world.” ~ Katja Harchen, owner.


We come with our van or stall/tent - OR - we cook at your premises.
  • Award winning sausages
  • Homemade curry tomato sauce
  • Friendly staff and a great service
  • Quick and easy booking!

German Food Catering

More than over 82 million Germans are involved with the food and drink market, the largest in Europe. Germany is well known for exporting premium products as well as having good resources when it comes to local production. Genuine German ‘consumers’ love the fact that the quality is usually high and products are premium.

The largest German food sector is exceptionally cut up. You can find hundreds of delicious food and cordial products imported from Germany , albeit not all in the same store or place. In fact, most grocery stores only carry a few well known brands, such as hotels, restaurants, fast food with take away outlets, bars, cafeterias, coffee shops and similar channels besides the institutional food service market is fact for hospitals, universities, nursing homes and cafeterias. Our foods servicing have the renowned home service too.

top 10 fast food companies 

Top 10 German service companies are mcdonalds (American food),burger king( also American),Lsg(Frankfurt Germany),tank &rast, nords(Germany), Ssp(also Germany), yum!, aral, Ikea (Swedish) and subway where mcdonalds have more outlets with numbers of 1301 which belongs with high competitive and economic growth of food industries for German economy.

However no compromise by the consumers over all food sectors in quality with service. Some of the instructional food catering companies are Compass, Aramark, Sodexo, Dussmann, and klUh.

types of foods being exported 

The German food market offers the best facility for the U.S food exporters. U.S supplies should analyse German/EU food law, packaging and labeling requirements, business practices and trade-related laws and tariffs, potential importers and the distribution system. The office of Agricultural affairs (OAA) in Berlin offers guidelines on business practices and import law and can assist with contact information on German buyers.

Our TJ

German food units consuls for imports are fish and seafood, tree nuts, wine and beer, pet foods (dog and cat), processed fruits and vegetables, snacks foods (excl, nuts) and red meats (fresh/chilled/frozen) with heavy sale potential some categories like tree nuts, wine, processed fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, snack foods, health food, organic food, sustainable food products, dried fruits are available all time in the food market but some high potential foods have more demand but not huge quantity to full fill the demand like high quality beef , cranberries and cranberry products, seafood and seafood products, game and exotic meat, innovative sauces, condiments and confectionery products. Some of the category now mostly band for facing significant barriers as can say poultry , processed food with GMO ingredients, and bleached flour.

Leading fairs for food servicing companies over the world like Anuga, ISM (International sweets and biscuit show), Fruit logistica, Bio fach, Veggieworld, Prowein, Internorga arrange food fairs for retail trade, snacks and confectionery products, fresh fruit and vegetable business products, vegetarian products, wine and spirits, hotel, restaurant, catering, baking and confectionery trades and the food service and catering market. More information about these and other German exhibitions and trade shows can be found under the following internet address:

germans agree to pay more for quality!

At last; should say The German people are agreeing to pay more and they believe “Price to performance” moreover they hope for the best quality as it concern the food servicing industry for having success. Some key initiation include the practice of ‘sustainability’ as marketing tool, regional produce, convenience, health and wellness, Asian cuisine and retail catering.


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