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We’ve been serving delicious gourmet German sausages in the UK for a while now. Considered to be the tastiest of hot dogs, we specialise in catering for grilled German sausages and other German speciality dishes – please contact us today for more information.


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Are you throwing a summertime pool party or a kid's birthday party? You might not call a hot dog catering company for your wedding, but most other occasions are fair game. Nothing speaks traditional German street food like the delicious Bratwurst on a bun with all your favourite toppings. Or, of course, the wonderful currywurst with its tasty curry tomato sauce - very loved in Germany and very popular all over the world.

You can have fries served up quite easily, or you can go wild with all kinds of dips and other side dishes. What kind of toppings do you like on your dogs?

When I was growing up, my sister and I used to watch this movie where a main character said 'Here's how I like em' and I suggest you eat em' the same way!' There are seriously some great ways to eat a hot dog. The traditional German way would be with delicious German mustard, maybe add some sauerkraut to your Bratwurst and off you go! 

One other great way to eat this type of food if you're going to have a hot dog catering company service your party is to mix different types of German sausages (a mixed grill) where you can get to taste all the different delicious bangers. People that like all of these kinds of hot dogs also like other toppings at times, like chopped onions or jalapenos on the chili hot dog. Just let us know what toppings you'd like us to bring to your party or event and we take care of the rest.


As an experienced hot dog catering company we can can have everything set up indoors or outdoors for you, and you just have to tell us what you want. We have catered for all sort of parties and events so we know we can fit in the tiniest of places at times! Space is never a problem for us.

Since hot dog catering is so simple yet delicious, it's easy to get picky with all the numerous topping choices. Hot dogs at parties are especially great for the outdoors when you have the catering company fire up the grill on site. This is the best way to enjoy a hot dog if you ask me, after it has been blackened and has that grilled flavour.

“We have catered for all sort of parties so we know exactly the type of service that will be perfect for your event”


Hot dog catering companies are likely going to have other options and suggestions as well. And, of course, so do we.

We can offer you delicious German dishes that are not hot dog based - even though we to cater for a wide range of sausages we also prepare tasty German dishes that will delight your guests. Have a look at our menu (click 'menu' on the top menu of this page) and look for yourself. Some of the dishes will most definitely be a winner with your guests!

Talk about easily keeping the food at your event, simple, organized and easy, yet scrumptious.

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