We are proud of our menus because we have brought Berlin to your mouth. Our authentic Bratwurst sausages come from award winning butchers in Germany and we make a delicious homemade curry tomato sauce. Our bratwurst catering trailer van and stall/tent are perfect for any event (weddings, parties, anniversaries, office, Christmas, birthdays, etc). We offer German street food catering at its best so if you’re thinking a delicious hot dog van hire, go Bish Bash Bangers!



Chopped bratwurst served in the typical oval plate

This is our signature dish. The typical chopped bratwurst served with curry tomato sauce (no, the sauce is not hot, it is pleasantly sweet with a lovely tomatoey flavour). We make our own sauce, so, as you can imagine, it can't get better than that.

OPTIONS: It can be served with a bun or fries.


Bratwurst in a bun

Delicious Bratwurst served in a custom made bun. With or without sauces. Extras: sauerkraut, fried onions, gherkins.


Frankfurter with cheese inside in a bun

We’re proud of our two main dishes (The Berlin Sizzler & the Wunder Banger) but we wanted to extend our menu with the Jumbo Melt. This Austrian sausage has been filled with cubes of delicious Emmental cheese which melt as it cooks in the griddle. Yuuuuummmyyy is all we can say!! We also serve it in a bun.


Large frankfurter inside in a bun

For the hungry crowd we offer this delicious jumbo frankfurter: a lot of premium quality meat packed inside this taty banger! Served in a custom bun.


Beef hot dog inside in a bun

Not keen on pork? No problem. Our premium beef sausages also come from award winning butchers in Germany and will be the delight of your guests. Or maybe you just fancy a change for the traditional hot dogs.

footlong banger

Extra large hot dog inside in a bun

It can't get better than this. Our footlong hot dog is fun to eat and will satisfy even the hungriest of guests! Give it a try!

vegan hot dog

100% vegan hot dog inside in a bun

For vegetarians/vegans we have this fantastic option: a premium vegan hot dog (bockwurst). 


schnitzel FEAST

Pork schnitzel with potato salad and chips

Who doesn't like the famous German schnitzel? Easy to eat, loved by children also, this pork fillet is 100% premium quality meat imported from Germany. A must for anyone wanting a truly German experience.

Vegan schnitzel FEAST

Vegan schnitzel with potato salad and chips

This is the perfect dish for vegetarian and vegan people. They won't feel left out as we can also provide a beautiful vegan schnitzel that comes all the way from Germany! So they're getting the real thing, just the vegan version. 


Premium weisswurst served with pretzel and sweet mustard

When you thought we couldn't offer you any more variety regarding our fantastic sausage range, we smiled and asked you to delight at our tasty weisswurst. Served with the traditional German pretzel and tangy sweet mustard!


German style burgers with potato salad and chips

These juicy burgers are an explosion of German flavour in your mouth. Served with our delicious potato salad and chips. Your guests will totally love this dish.

chop & hash

Pork chop with hash browns

This dish can be served with sauerkraut, chips or potato salad. We also offer an optional one with bread (see below). 

chop & BUN

Pork chop served with a custom made bun

Same dish as above but served with a bun. We can offer potato salad or chips instead of the sauerkraut. Plenty to choose from! 


gourmet pulled pork

Tasty pulled pork now on our menu! 

We offer pulled pork now as part of our menu. Beautifully shredded, our provider imports it from Germany so even our pulled pork is German! Juicy, tender, tasty, simply gorgeous meat. 


Authentic German mulled wine

Beautifully infused German mulled wine with Aronia and Elderberries produced with the best quality ingredients and made with the freshest fruits and berries. Its enhanced flavour has been created with a secret combination of spices. All-natural ingredients: hand picked berries and fruits have been selected to make sure that only the best go into making this fabulous warm beverage so reminiscence of the Christmas period. Perfect for Christmas parties!

**We serve the mulled wine in cups. Photo is for illustrative purposes only.

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Here you can see Bish Bash Bangers at the Rugby event, ready for those hungry supporters! 

We busted our butts trying to find the real thing. Countless sausages and curry sauce recipes later, we knew we were ready to offer it to the people in the UK.

Only German Produce

We grill only authentic German sausages, imported from award winning specialist butchers. We replicate the real thing so you don’t have to go to Berlin to get your tasty Currywurst.


Home Made Curry Sauce

We wanted to make our own curry sauce and we also wanted it to be the best. After tasting it, our first ever client literally said: “Oh, yeah!! I see what you mean…!” Enough said.


All our Sauces…. German!

All you need to top up your sausage is mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup. Each of our sauces come from Germany; below are the sauces you will find at our stall.