Since our launch back in 2013 we’ve been growing steadily and fast. From street food to large events, and many office parties in the middle, we’ve gone from strength to strength learning as we go along what works for the bigger events as well as what makes a corporate do that holds a large number of people that extra bit special.

We love concentrating on private events. Even though our experience as street food vendors was definitely a great one in order to get our business started, we soon realised that our future was to be concentrating on catering for the bigger companies with large numbers of hungry members of staff.

Because of the type of food that we prepare, not only staff members can enjoy tasty hot dogs and other products that come from award winning butchers in Germany (so the quality is top notch!) but they can also relax with a type of dish that’s fun and easy to eat (there’s no need for people to sit down, which makes the experience a little more serious).

We’ve Learnt to Handle Large Portions Really Well!

Having catered for really big companies like Amazon and Porsche we can assure you that we have no problem handling large quantities of food and people. We can be really fast and we can go up to 1,500 guests/members of staff without a problem.

We can either divide the servings into 2 parts or just keep serving portions all day long, the choice is yours.

We’re Used to Adjust to All Sorts of Budgets

Not all companies have the same amounts to spend for larger crowds. As you can see, our menus offer different types of dishes to accommodate for all sort of budgets. We prepare the traditional currywurst and bratwurst (our homemade tomato curry sauce is to die for!) as well as more elaborated dishes if required.

Because of Our Experience There’s No Need for Endless Email Exchanges!

We’re very quick to learn exactly what it is that you need. We listen to instructions carefully so you don’t have to worry about making sure the catering company knows exactly where they have to go, who they have to speak to or what they have to do. We’ve been there every time and because we sort absolutely everything prior to the event you can rest assured we won’t be bothering you with thousands of phone calls and questions. We listen to what you need and we deliver.

Impressed Customers

Customers like Amazon and Softcat were very impressed because we managed to make them feel confident that the job was going to be done exactly how they had demanded/expected. This makes us very proud as we are aware of the difficulties that can arise when we’re dealing with larger crowds. We’ve been given great compliments regarding our services every single time.

10 Members of Staff Ready to Serve You

Our staff members know exactly what needs doing on the day and work in harmony with each other to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day. We also make sure that the fun element is never lost or forgotten: this is part of our company culture and we always make sure that the overall experience is enjoyed by each and every one of the guests we feed.

We Get Booked Very Quickly

It’s easy to find catering vans and stalls that sell hot dogs and burgers, but not so easy to find that perfect funky looking hot dog stall that prepares the authentic German hot dog from award winning butchers in Germany.

That’s why we get booked very quickly so please hurry up if you’d like to secure Bish Bash Bangers at your large event.

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